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COVID-19 & Saorsa

Inventory Updates:

From an inventory standpoint, we have increased both capital and consumable stock levels several weeks ago, so we can confidently state that we will not run out of supply.  We have spoken to our logistics partners and we are also confident that we will be able to deliver within established timeframes.  If anything changes on this front we will let you know.  Increasing inventory levels is recommended for all current users as a precaution. 

Partnership Solutions:

1. Financing Flexibility - We've worked with our finance partners to establish deferred payment options that will limit the cash flow impact during uncertain times. CLICK HERE or fill out form at the bottom of this page to be contacted by a saorsa consultant to discuss in more detail.

2. Co-Marketing Investments - Swift is all about partnership.  Any new Swift partners that come on in the next 3 months, Saorsa is offering a co-marketing investment to generate enhanced local patient flow. CLICK HERE or fill out form below to be contacted by a saorsa consultant to discuss in more detail.  

COVID-19 Best Practices:

  1. The CDC
  2. The APMA
  3. The AAD 

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