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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to deliver energy into the body, microwaves are produced inside a unique, compact generator. As soon as the treatment begins, Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled dose of microwaves that work within a pre-determined field – and no deeper. Water molecules within the tissue begin colliding and creating localized heat energy which targets the root cause of the condition. 

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Because Swift harnesses the power of natural immunity, allowing adequate time between treatments is critical to aligning with the body's immune cycle.  Four weeks between treatments is recommended with follow up scheduled for 12 weeks after the final treatment. Patients will need to understand science of Swift and will need to be committed/patient with the process.  We can help with educational resources. 

The majority of patients resolve within 3-4 treatments, however we have seen younger patients clear within 2 treatments and more elderly patients or patients with more severe lesions requiring additional treatments to see resolution.  

Unlike destructive modalities, patients may not "see" the lesion resolving until the 2nd or 3rd treatment.  Once you or they can see it going... It's going.  The best indicator (as reported by Swift Users) is that the patient will indicate that the lesion is "Less Noticeable" or "Less Painful".  The know the lesion is still there, however it is no longer affecting them the same way.  This is typically evidence that the immune system has been switched on and is doing it's job.  

Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation, which means that they can’t cause damage to the DNA of living things. The same fundamental technology that powers Swift, is also being used in the treatment of lung, liver, kidney and breast cancer in countries all over the world.

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There are no harmful side effects to the Swift Treatment.  The treatment is not recommended for patients with pacemakers and you should avoid interaction with metal implants.  Do not point the Swift Applicator at the eyes or the testes.

Moderate pain is reported with some patients. This pain is short lived, occurs only during the treatment and very rarely extends beyond the procedure.  Compared to other treatment options, Swift is typically reported as being less painful. 

Return on Investment can be measured in a variety of ways, but we like to break things down by highlighting that clinics can (a) preserve or increase margin on their current patient base, (b) generate additional new patient revenues and © potentially create additional revenues through procedural efficiency. All of these factors play into what is typically a very attractive return for all those that invest in SWIFT Technology.

To complete an initial assessment of potential return for your clinic, visit our ROI Calculator here.

Alternatively, Contact Us to dive deeper with one of our saorsa consultants.

Swift requires all operators to complete a training prior to treating patients, however due to the procedural simplicity, the process is very simply and efficient. Training is primarily focused on understanding microwave safety, patient safety benefits and system operation.

Training is delivered in two distinct phases following the purchase of your SWIFT System. Step 1 is an online training program which takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Once this is complete, you are then scheduled Step 2, which is either an in person or web based hardware and set up focused in-service. Once both steps have been successfully completed, you will be sent a certificate of completion and you will be placed on the Swift Clinical Locator.

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We appreciate and encourage the need to experience the Swift system in a live Demo environment prior to making your investment. Through this process you will get a sense for size, weight, portability, ease of use and system functionality. We cannot treat patients without having you SWIFT certified, however we have some innovative techniques to replicate human tissue that will validate energy delivery.

Book a Demo with a saorsa consultant to see the system up close and personal. We will either visit you on site or set up an webinar depending on convenience and access.

Swift Generators and Applicator Tips can only be purchased through the esaorsa.com portal. Account set up is extremely simple and there are a variety of payment options available: Leasing, Credit Card, Direct Transfer and Certified Cheque.  In order to reduce administrative burden, we have enabled a standing order function, which allows the Swift user adjust the volume and frequency of orders as needed. We highly recommend this function be enabled for all clinics, regardless of size.

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Absolutely you can and we would love to connect you. We have several Swift clinicians that are happy to take calls and can connect you with reference sites as needed. Hearing the success stories directly from those using the technology can be comforting and powerful.

Please Contact Us and request to be connected to Swift user. Let us know when would be most convenient and how to best make contact. We will take care of the rest.

Microwave energy is currently being used in a wide array of clinical applications, however we are still just scratching the surface. There are studies being carried out at present with exciting potential.

Outside of an initial 12 month warranty period, we offer an extended warranty product that covers the potential for any unexpected repair costs after year 1. The warranty covers parts and labor and can be renewed annually on the my saorsa portal.

If you would like to learn more about our Service Packages, please Contact Us and we’ll connect you with a saorsa consultant.

Annual service can be performed to ensure your Swift Generator is operating within specification. Your Saorsa consultant will coordinate the timing of the service based on your initial delivery.

Absolutely. Once acquired, a Saorsa consultant will work with you and your marketing team to design a program designed to drive new patient flow.  Collaboration and partnership is key to program success.