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We're in this together

At Saorsa, we view our Swift Treatment Centers as partners, and we are invested in their success in treating patients with Swift. From training, to patient outcomes, to new patient generation, we are with you every step of the way.

Step 1

We set up your dedicated Swift landing page

We work with you and your website team to get information and promotional material about Swift up on your site.. We also have a customer drive filled with plenty of free marketing materials for you to use on your social media to help with local patient outreach.

Step 2

We turn on a PPC campaign in your local area

Once information on Swift is present on your website, we will set up PPC marketing using Google Adwords to promote your practice to people in your area actively seeking wart treatment. We constantly challenge ourselves to optimize these campaigns and improve outcomes wherever possible.

Step 3

We start funneling patients

Using a sophisticated keyword and lifestyle bidding strategy, we funnel patients through our patient marketing site www.warttreatmentinfo.com and the clinic locator and direct them to our customers. Our target is to deliver at least one new patient per month to your practice.

Step 4

We work on local referral networks

It’s time to let your local colleagues know that you have a solution for challenging wart patients. You’ll be amazed how pleased they are to refer them on. We work with you and your team on getting customized letters and brochures printed and delivered to primary care physicians in the area to get the word out on Swift.

Step 5

We collaborate on SEO optimization

Leveraging out partnerships with Logic Inbound, we provide our customers with free sessions on how to improve their entire website’s visibility and see more patients due to an improved digital presence.

Step 6

Let's get creative

When it comes to new patient generation, creativity can be key! From local print advertising, to radio spots, posters, to magazine publications and beyond, we at Saorsa are as open to marketing Swift as you are! We will actively work with you to ensure we explore any advertising opportunity possible to get more patients coming to see you for Swift.

Let's do things differently.

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