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Cleaner Treatments

Cleaner. Simpler. More repeatable and more reliable than traditional treatments. A revolutionary product that will change your practice.

Three icons indicating that Swift uses no smoke, no bandages, and no anaesthetic

Cleaner air: No smoke or plume

Both Laser and Electrocautery devices produce a plume that can be hazardous to the clinician and the patient, and regulations require extraction equipment or other precautions to be taken. There is no smoke, plume or smell produced by microwave therapy at all, resulting in a cleaner, safer alternative.

A cleaner procedure: Precision Treatments

In addition to being an exceptionally quick method of treatment, the primary reason that microwaves have been used so widely in a number of areas of medicine is down to precision. The Swift device has been designed to ensure microwaves travel in straight lines with no lateral spread, commonly seen in Cryotherapy. This results in a highly controllable treatment zone.

Research using the Swift device has shown no evidence of scarring, with patients reporting low post-procedural pain*. The Swift system also features a disposable tip – which removes the need for sterilisation between patients and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

Simple and repeatable: Treat with confidence

Microwaves travel to a predetermined depth and the Swift treatment system has been designed to ensure thermal energy travels no deeper than 6.5mm in the skin. During a typical treatment in Podiatry or Dermatology, thermal energy would travel to a depth of between 3.5 - 4mm in the skin – and by setting the same treatment parameters on the generator, you can be assured of exactly the same effect every time. Thorough research and a reliable technology takes the guesswork out of treatment – allowing you to treat with confidence, every time.