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Faster Treatments

Speed. It’s one thing that can improve patient satisfaction and increase clinic efficiency. By the time you’ve read this short paragraph, a typical Swift treatment would be complete. It’s all in the name.

Why is Swift® so much quicker than other treatments?

The use of microwave energy is what makes a Swift treatment so quick. Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose to a pre-determined depth into the skin. The latter part is crucial, and is what sets Swift apart from traditional treatments. As microwaves travel to a pre-determined depth, they don’t break the surface of the skin and destroy tissue from the point of application – like Cryotherapy, Salicylic Acid or Laser Ablation. As soon as the treatment begins, microwaves are working within that defined field – and no deeper. Water molecules within the tissue begin colliding and creating localised heat energy, targeting the root cause of the issue. The graphic below highlights the targeted zone within which a treatment takes place.

A diagram of the Swift treatment

Shorter appointment times

Quick and efficiency energy delivery and limited preparation required; treatment times can be significantly reduced when compared to alternative modalities.

No dressings usually required
As  microwaves do not break the surface of the skin, the requirement for post-procedural padding or dressings is greatly reduced

An infographic illustrates that Swift treats patients three times faster than other methods

The ability to shorten appointment times to just 5-10 minutes means Clinicians can manage clinic time more efficiently, fit more treatments into a day and reduce time between appointments. When compared with other more time intensive modalities, the benefits of Swift to a clinic are clear.