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The saorsa Marketing Engine

Data suggests that only 10% of those suffering end up seeking out treatment due to lack of awareness and unclear/inconsistent treatment options.  The end result is on overwhelming patient population that remains under serviced.

It is our aim to create the awareness and to provide those patients with the Freedom they so desperately seek. 

Custom Collaboration

Upon acquisition of your Swift system, we will work closely with you and your marketing team to design a promotional program that will create treatment awareness and drive new patient flow.

Patient Referrals

Understanding current patient flow is critical to channeling patients away from non-specialized treatment streams and into your network.  We will work with your practice management team, facilitating connections with PCPs, Nurse Practitioner clinics and Pediatrician offices to ensure that patients are aware of Swift as a treatment option and how they can locate your practice.

Word of Mouth and Patient Testimonials

Success matters when it comes to word of mouth marketing. Most patients living with frustrating skin conditions have been dealing with discomfort and embarrassment for months if not years. Swift delivers Freedom to it’s patients; creating success stories worth sharing. We will help you share and amplify these stories.

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