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Service and Support

Uptime is critical when it comes to healthcare technology. We understand this and have created a robust service platform designed to avoid disruption. All service related enquiries are handled centrally through our "My Saorsa" platform where we disseminate info to appropriate personnel to ensure you are getting fast and helpful support when needed. Should the system require repair, we have centrally located service facilities equipped with a comprehensive loan pool to ensure that turnaround time is rapid and downtime is minimized.

Annual Maintenance/Service

In order to avoid any unforeseen interruptions, your Swift unit will go through an annual service process. The system is assessed to ensure it is operating within specification and any potential flags are addressed prior to any issues occurring. Your Saorsa consultant will connect with you at the appropriate time and will coordinate the service check to ensure minimal disruption. 

Extended Warranty Package

For those looking to avoid any larger repair or parts replacement costs, Saorsa does offer an extended warranty package on your Swift System. While the failure rate on the Swift systems is comparably low to other medical technology, it can be nice peace of mind. Costs are outlined in the "My Saorsa" portal or speak directly with your Saorsa consultant.

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